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Things flowing at River Run

With the earthworks at the Blairmore site seemingly dragging on forever, there are some big plans afoot, according to Bridgecreek Development Corporation's Bill Bradley.

"River Run is well under way," he said. The River Run sales centre, located on 20 Ave. in Blairmore, is also operational and doing brisk business, he said. "Sales are already happening," Bradley said, hinting at future announcements for the project. He hopes a recently-announced hotel resort project will convince buyers to purchase land in the development. The development will feature homes of various sizes and configurations, including river-front homes as well as semi-detached residences. A condominium project is also in the works, details of which will be available in the spring. Work being undertaken at the site includes land reclamation, site prep and installation of basic infrastructure. Of particular interest is the planned use of geothermal heating and cooling systems for the subdivision. When completed, River Run promises to be the first residential subdivision in Canada to use geothermal energy. In addition, the development will also make use of solar energy for heating. "We are hoping that the site will be close to zero-carbon, and will be self sustaining," said Bradley.

"This has never been done for a full residential subdivision." The first phase of River Run is set to begin construction in the


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