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No fatalities in Three Hills plane crash

Three occupants of a small airplane are lucky to be alive after their aircraft crashed in Three Hills while attempting to land in poor weather.

Three Hills emergency crews were called to the town’s airport at 9:15 a.m. on Tuesday, January 29 for a reported plane crash. Emergency crews discovered a 2008 Piper Meridian turboprop impacted on the runway, missing a wing and with severe damage to the propeller.

According to Const. Seth Adair of the Three Hills RCMP, the airplane impacted the ground short of the airport before sliding on the snow.

The airplane, after losing a wing, eventually came to a stop on the runway.

Constable Adair also remarked that visibility in Three Hills at the time of the crash was extremely poor due to high winds and blowing snow.

One person was transported to Three Hills hospital suffering from pain in his chest. The second passenger and the pilot were treated on scene for minor injuries.

The airplane suffered severe damage in the crash, including a fuel leak.

The RCMP have concluded their investigation and have turned the matter over the Transportation Safety Board.

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