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Ellis wins tight Calgary-West byelection race

Calgary-West will stay Tory blue after voters denied Wildrose their best bet to snag a seat in Monday’s byelection.

The only Conservative candidate in the four-riding race not fighting for a cabinet post, Calgary police sergeant Mike Ellis defeated Wildrose candidate Sheila Taylor in a tightly contested race.

Education was a well-worn plank in many candidates’ platforms.

Both Ellis and Taylor, the latter resigning as a Calgary Board of Education trustee to run for the Wildrose Party, said addressing the overcrowding problems plaguing Calgary-West was the top issue.

“Hands down, it was the schools,” Ellis said.

“As a parent, I’m pleased to be working with the government and helping the families out here.”

A riding left vacant since the resignation of former MLA Ken Hughes, Calgary-West was seen as the toughest battle for the stalwart PCs — one pundits said Ellis would have to work hard to win.

Monday’s vote in Calgary-West also saw New Democratic Party candidate Brian Malkinson, Alberta Liberal candidate David Khan and Alberta Party candidate Troy Millington fall to the battle between Ellis and Taylor.


Mike Ellis (PC) - 4,843 votes (44.44%)

Sheila Taylor (Wildrose) - 4,528 votes (41.55%)

David Khan (Liberal - 926 votes (8.50%)

Brian Malkinson (NDP) - 33 votes (3.08%)

Troy Millington (Alberta Party) - 265 votes (2.43%)

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