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A Calgary Transit love story — 10 years together after a chance encounter and still rolling strong

CALGARY — Almost 10 years have passed since true love, quite literally, fell into 27-year-old Trevor Myers’ lap.

Announced as the winners of Calgary Transit’s Valentines Day contest on Friday, it was a lurching bus that brought Trevor and Amanda Myers together on Sept. 7, 2005.

“I was minding my own business with my nose in a book,” Trevor said.

“The bus took off abruptly, and somebody fell into my lap.”

Losing her footing, Amanda stumbled into a row of seats and ended up in Trevor’s arms.

The two University of Calgary students struck up a conversation, thus starting a relationship that’s lasted almost 10 years.

“He was really well spoken, it wasn’t hard to talk to him,” 26-year-old Amanda said.

“We kind of just clicked.”

The couple eventually tied the knot in 2012.

Their story was chosen as the best of over 30 entries, part of Calgary Transit’s search for tales of public transit romance.

“We carry over 500,000 people every weekday on our trains and buses,” said Calgary Transit spokesman Ron Collins.

“The chances are very good that you’re going to eventually meet somebody.”

While most entries told tales of first glances across crowded CTrain cars, Collins said the panel of judges were instantly sold on the Myers.

“It was unanimous that we selected their story,” Collins said.

“It was a really cute story, and we’ve had lots of fun with it.”

Learning on Tuesday they were the lucky winners, the couple was pleasantly surprised at the news.

“Our family seemed enamoured by the story, and I guess others were as well,” said Trevor.

“It was a barrage of people telling us to enter.”

The Myers each took home three books of ride tickets, as well as an armload of Calgary Transit and Valentine’s Day swag.

Keeping the theme of love alive, Calgary Transit operators will mark Valentine’s Day by handing out carnations and bags of candy to riders — a first for the service.

Meanwhile, the Myers hope their story will inspire others to take off their headphones and get to know their fellow riders — and maybe make a similar connection.

“Like us, a lot of times it’s people in the same situation, working downtown or just getting off of school,” Amanda said

“I definitely think you can fall in love with somebody.”

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