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SUV that rammed Calgary police van "deliberately attacked" emergency workers, says police

Calgary’s top cop called Tuesday’s ramming of a police vehicle a “deliberate attack” against emergency personnel.

And the actions of a Calgary police officer who opened fire on the suspected stolen vehicle that deliberately ran down a cyclist in the downtown core were within the bounds of their training, said Calgary police Chief Roger Chaffin at a press conference.

“Our members responded as their training would allow them to, and did the best they can,” he said.

“These things happen in seconds.. milliseconds.. you have to make very quick decisions to look after yourself and the public.”


Just after 4:45 p.m., Calgary Police were called to 4th Ave. and Dermot Baldwin Way for reports of a suspected hit and run of a cyclist.

“When police arrived, they received information that the suspect vehicle had intentionally struck the cyclist and left the scene,” Chaffin said.

That person was sent to hospital in serious condition and was undergoing surgery.

As police were. arriving, Chaffin said the suspect vehicle reappeared and drove towards the officers.

“One officer have to take evasive action and dove out of the way to gain cover inside Calgary Police Service vehicle,” he said, which was subsequently struck by the suspect vehicle sustaining significant damage.

“Simultaneously, an on-scene member recognized the danger and responded to the thread by the storage and his service firearm.”

In the area on a separate assignment, Calgary Sun photographer Stuart Dryden saw the damaged truck come to a halt in the centre of Riverfront Ave. west of Macleod Tr.

“Two people got out and walked across towards the river, while another started running towards me,” he said.

Pulling out his camera, Dryden snapped several photos of the fleeing man while chasing him towards a parkade on Centre St.

“From there, he went south,” Dryden said.

He returned to the scene in time to see police taking the remaining suspects, a male and female, into custody.

Police immediately called for EMS to transport the male, suffering gunshot wounds, to the hospital.

A Calgary police spokeswoman told the Sun the male suspect’s injuries were not life-threatening, and no police officers were hurt.

Chaffin said the police officer who pulled the trigger had about four years of experience and reaction according to their training.

The Alberta Serious Incident Response Team was called in to investigate the shooting.

Riverfront Ave. was closed for several hours between 4 Ave. S.E. and Centre St. while police contained the area and searched for the outstanding suspect.

While the investigation continues, sources tell the Sun the incident may be related to an attempted carjacking that occurred several hours prior at a residence on Berwick Rise N.W.

- With files from Damien Wood

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